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Address: 3972 Gallia St
New Boston, OH 45662
Phone: 740-456-8251
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Business Type: Plumbing
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
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Home Safety Tips

Each year, fires claim the lives of over 4,000 people and injures another 25,000 more. Preventing and protecting yourself from fire is a matter of being informed and taking the necessary steps needed to reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home.

* Smoke alarms save lives. In the event of a fire, your best defense is a functioning smoke alarm. According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), a working smoke alarm reduces the chance of dying in a fire by nearly 50 percent. Make sure all of your smoke alarms have fresh batteries, are in good condition and that they are properly located. For more information on installing and maintaining smoke alarms, go to:

* Prevent electrical fires.

- Make sure your house wiring, outlets and switches are all in good working order and that fuses or circuit breakers are the right size and work properly.

* Inspect home heating. Heating systems should be inspected and serviced regularly, with special attention paid to flue pipes and connections on wood stoves that pass through attics and walls. Portable heaters should be kept a safe distance from combustible materials and never left unattended. In addition, kerosene heaters should only be filled outside, operated with adequate ventilation and turned off when you leave home or go to bed. Fireplaces should be equipped with a sturdy metal screen and a spark arrester on the chimney. Flammable liquids should never be used to start a wood fire in a fireplace or stove. Kerosene, as well as other combustible liquids and paints, should only be stored in proper containers outside the house.

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